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Email Is one of the modern methods that help to communicate rapidly all over the world by computer, it is also one of the first ways of communication fast and get that emerged between one person and another. In the early days of the invention of e-mail, it was sometimes difficult to manage simple text messages, add pictures, or documents. Photos, sounds, videos, and full documents.

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Volume 0% The use of this app was limited to government agencies, university staff, or private groups that needed to communicate directly with its members, and researchers and scientists were the first users of it. [1] Use email In most networks, data can be sent simultaneously to multiple users, to a specific group, or to one person. Network users typically have an e-mail box where messages are received, stored, and managed, and recipients can choose to view, print, or Save, edit, answer, forward, or reply. There are many advanced email systems that can alert users to incoming messages, or use special privacy features.

Large companies and organizations use email systems as an important link between employees, and other people allowed to access their networks. Email is also available On major public Internet systems and dashboard systems, which rely on free or low-cost global communications networks. [2] Volume 0% Advantages of email The advantages of email include: [3] Free delivery: E-mail allows you to send almost free messages, without the cost of Internet service, and there is no need to buy postage stamps to send the message by mail. Global delivery: Email can be sent anywhere in the world, to any country.

Prompt delivery: Email can be sent immediately and receive an online reply. Attaching files: An email can contain one or more attached files, allowing a person to send documents, pictures, or any other files using them. Long-term storage: E-mail is stored electronically, allowing messages to be stored for long periods of time. Environmentally friendly: sending e-mails does not require paper, such as cardboard or wrapping, thus preserving paper resources. References Was this article helpful?

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