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Facebook Account

Facebook account– a social networking service where registered users can create networks and groups, share messages and photos, and use the application, owned by Facebook, Inc. based in Menlo Park. In June 2017, the number of users worldwide was almost 2 billion, and almost 1.3 billion people are active daily. The average age of the website user is 22 years. Data gathered on this app is over 980 petabytes, every 24 hours more than 0.5 petabytes are added. The average user spends about 21 minutes on Facebook.

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The project was launched on February 4, 2004, at Harvard University ( Massachusetts ) and was primarily intended for high school and college students (colleges, universities). Its main author is Mark Zuckerberg (currently he is the CEO ). The website employs approximately 33,000 employees (as of January 2019). The planned revenues will exceed USD 150 million (2008). In September 2009 Facebook founder announced on his blog that Facebook for the first time stopped losing losses and began to cover its operating costs and investments in new servers.

In March 2008, the author of the portal, 23-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, taking 785th place in the Forbes ranking of the richest people in the world, became the youngest billionaire in the world (USD 1.5 billion) [9] [10]. In 2018, according to the same ranking, he was the fifth man in the world in terms of his assets.

In October 2010, The Social Network movie showing the history of this app (originally TheFacebook) and its founders entered the cinema screens. At the end of the film is given an estimate of the value of the portal and it amounted to 25 of billions of dollars.

May 18, 2012, Facebook as a company appeared on the US stock exchange NASDAQ for the first time, becoming the highest-priced listed company in history. Estimates regarding the value of the website turned out to be exaggerated, as investors’ expectations were too high in relation to the real possibilities of the website. On the day of the IPO, Facebook shares were around $ 30 per share. Six years later (in June 2018) they reached their peak at $ 194 per share.

In June 2019 this app announced that it would launch a new cryptocurrency, authored by itself, called Libra. Kryptomoneta will be supported by the Calibra application. The digital currency will be in circulation in 2020 and will be supported by a group of partners belonging to the Libra Association, among others: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Lyft, Spotify, PayU and others.

In September 2019, this app announced that it would launch a new product – the Fashion ++ platform, which using artificial intelligence will advise users on how to choose a wardrobe.

Table of Contents

  1. History
    • Creation
    • California
    • News Feed
    • Market value
    • Polish language version
    • Facebook Lite
  2. Technical aspects functions
    • Additional functions
      • Timeline
      • Facebook Messenger
  3. Criticism
  4. Plagiarism
  5. Facebook movie
  6. Facebook for programmers
  7. Shareholders
  8. Footnotes
  9. External links



Mark Zuckerberg in 2005

Facebook Data Center in Prineville, Oregon

Zuckerberg, as a student at Harvard University, on February 4, 2004, together with a group of students, created the online social networking site this app, in which registered users could search and continue school acquaintances and share news and photos. It took him 2 weeks to create the source code for the page. The service quickly gained huge interest among students and achieved success at Harvard. Over ⅔ students have already registered on the newly created website in the first 2 weeks of its operation.

At that time, Zuckerberg decided to extend the site’s coverage to other schools. He began working with his roommate Dustin Moskovitz. The next universities that were included in the service were Stanford, Yale and Columbia University, followed by other Ivy League colleges and Boston schools.

In the summer, at the beginning of the service, Zuckerberg and Moskovitz expanded its coverage to nearly 30 schools.


In the summer of 2004, Zuckerberg, Moskovitz, Zuckerberg’s girlfriend Hilary Shinn and a group of their friends moved to Palo Alto, California. They rented a small house there, which they used as the first office. At the end of summer, Zuckerberg met Peter Thiel, who invested in the emerging company. A few months later, an office was opened on University Avenue in the city center. Currently, the company has its headquarters in four buildings that form, as Zuckerberg calls it, the “city campus” in the center of Palo Alto.

News Feed 

On September 5, 2006, this app launched News Feed, i.e. a list on which it was visible what friends were doing on the site. This met with a wave of criticism directed at Zuckerberg. It was claimed that this tool was unnecessary – it was defined as a tool for cyberstalking (online harassment, harassment, trapping). Three days later, Zuckerberg responded to the wave of criticism with an open letter in which he apologized to website users for his venture.

Market value

On October 24, 2007, information was published in the press that Microsoft had bought part of this app shares. It was 1.6% for USD 240 million. Facebook’s estimated value at the time was USD 15 billion.

Polish language version 

The Polish language version of the website has been operating since May 2008, launched thanks to translations made by users.

Facebook Lite

In April 2009, the “lite” version was commissioned. It was a simplified version of the website, without e.g. Facebook Chat, intended primarily for people with weaker computers or internet connections. This app was turned off without any further explanation on April 20, 2010. People working on the project were gathered around this app Questions service.

Technical aspects 

Facebook was written in PHP, which is then translated using the author’s tool – HipHop for PHP on C + +, which is to translate into a 50% reduction in server load [18].


The website has undergone many visual changes, which has not always been approved by users; the biggest objection appeared after changes to the home page – instead of static content in the form of a virtual business card found on such sites, a microblog with application notifications appeared. Facebook offers an internal platform for internet applications [19], thanks to which each user can write his own program and share it with other users. This platform also makes it possible to earn money to creators by offering premium content (e.g. additional items in games, virtual money bought for real currency); and also enables communication between external programs and websites with Facebook – many websites (including Digg, lifehacker.com, crunchgear.com) offers the option of “hooking up” your account using your Facebook username and password, which is your own version of OpenID distributed authentication (the function is called Facebook Connect). The website also offers an internal messenger that enables communication through external programs that support the XMPP protocol [21]. In February 2014, the portal introduced, in cooperation with LGBT environments, a larger number of sexes to choose from, with transgender people in mind.

Additional features

Facebook also has many typical features present on other social networking sites, such as photo albums, blogs, notebook, address book, friends list, user groups, blocking users, internal mail.


In December 2011, the Timeline was introduced, a new type of profile that allows you to add “Life events” (eg, graduation, first meeting with a person, travel or broken bone, etc.) and posts with a date set in the past]. In addition, a map with all places visited by the user is generated.

Facebook also offers each user the option of having his www address for his profile consists of a series of random numbers or a username of his choice.

Facebook in cooperation with Cisco also offers special modems for companies and enterprises that will allow their clients’ free access to the internet in exchange for basic demographic data provided to the internet offering company.

Facebook Messenger 

On November 13, 2013, the new version 3.0 of the Facebook Messenger application for iOS and Android was released. The new version allows you to use the phone number to send messages to all numbers without having to be friends on Facebook. A similar function has the application WhatsApp, which was bought for 16 billion dollars by Facebook.. Since 2015, the function of using the Facebook Messenger application without having a user account on the Facebook website has been introduced.


The development of the website’s functions and the increase in its popularity caused some scientists began to warn about the possibility of Facebook addiction [33]. This problem mainly affects young people who spend several hours a day on Facebook. According to the researchers, they cannot cope with the growing involvement in what is currently happening on Facebook. The pressure to log in and check information about friends, see their latest photos and compare game results or tests is so strong that they forget about other aspects of life.

The website is also criticized for contributing to worse academic performance (compared to students who do not use it) and for shaping narcissistic personality.

Files cookies loaded by the service remember all the pages that are linking to Facebook. Therefore, sometimes part of the lives of people registered on Facebook is registered, even after logging ou. Facebook also tracks people who don’t even have an account on the portal.

In the US, Facebook has been sentenced to pay 10 of millions of dollars to charity for the use of the image of users against their will and knowledge.

The interface of the application center has also been changed, as a result of which it is more difficult to clearly determine what data we provide to the service and application developers when using a given program or game.

The site also plans to provide advertisers with email addresses and phone numbers of their users.

The amount of data that Facebook collects about people using it is also controversial. There is a known situation when Max Schrems – an Austrian law student – sent to the headquarters of the website an official letter with a request to share with him the data that was collected about him while he had a Facebook account. The request was dealt with as Schrems thought, and he received a CD with all information about his activity (e.g. posts on his profile, correspondence with friends or links he “liked”). Schrems was concerned that this data was stored on Facebook’s servers, even though he no longer had an account. The case became interested in the Irish Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data, who decided to look into the problem.

The company is also accused of spying on users and implementing new functions without any warnings (sometimes they are also enabled by default) [44] and monitoring in exchange for additional capabilities.

In 2012, Facebook organized a psychological experiment on a sample of 700,000 users, aimed at determining whether it is possible to manipulate the feelings of people via the Internet, and information about the controversial experiment came to light in 2014 [47].

facebook Plagiarism 

On July 19, 2008, Facebook filed with a court in San José, California to punish studiVZ, a German-language platform of a similar nature, accused of plagiarism ( intellectual property theft ). Comparably, in another trial that ended in their defeat, Facebook creators were accused of the same by the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who had to pay $ 65 million in damages [48] [49] .

Facebook movie 

In 2010, The Social Network ‘s drama film directed by David Fincher telling about the creation of Facebook was made based on the book by Ben Mezrich Billionaires. The world premiere took place on September 24, 2010. The film received many awards, including three Oscars (for screenplay adaptation, editing, and music) and four Golden Globes. The film, however, does not depict the real scenes from the characters’ lives or show actual relationships between them.

Facebook for programmers 

Facebook also provides an API for its portal, so developers can use the portal’s functionality in their applications. SDKs are available for many languages ​​and platforms:

  • Android
  • C #
  • iPhone
  • java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python .

In addition, there is an SDK for the C # language, which makes it possible to write applications in this language for various platforms that the .NET Framework supports: this app C # SDK. Facebook also provides LikeBoxy and other plugins that can be added to the content on other websites.


By March 2018, this app released 2 405 931 900 class A shares and 497 529 450 class B shares. Their largest owners [51] :

Owner% class A shares% class B shares
Mark Zuckerberg0.3678.93
Dustin Moskovitz09.83
Eduardo Saverin0.259.49
Fidelity Investments5.090
Vanguard Group7.060

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