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What is the application of Facebook Lite system Android? Facebook has launched a light version of its social network application aimed at low-spec smartphone users running the Android operating system in developing countries that are still this category of the most popular devices.
Facebook has launched a light version of its social network application aimed at low-spec smartphone users running the Android operating system in developing countries that are still this category of the most popular devices.

Download facebook lite apk app new version 2019

Facebook explained that the new version of the application Facebook, which is called “Facebook Lite” This app, uses less data, and it is able to work in all network conditions.

The company added that APP is fast to install thanks to its very small size, estimated at only 250 KB, which is fast to download, and efficient in data consumption. In addition, the application is designed to work with 2G networks and in areas where Internet access is limited.

Users of Android 2.2 and above can download the new Facebook Lite application from the Google Play Store.

Welcome gawkers hello site Ketrotik on the subject of the day we will answer some of the questions put forward by some of the brothers about the difference between Facebook Lite and normal and what best, first Facebook Lite is an application created by Facebook, and was directed to the owners of slow phones and poor quality, but my brother There is no doubt that you have noticed this high demand on Facebook Lite , where Facebook users are leaving the normal and traditional Facebook application and download this wonderful application, which made many ask several questions: What is the secret behind it? And what is the difference between them and which is better and what are the features of this application that are not found in the normal Facebook application?My dear brother should know that this application has several features that made people shout on this application, and even people who have modern high-quality phones, deleted the normal Facebook application and went to Facebook Lite, it includes the main features of Facebook but consumes less contact data . It works on all networks in addition to the features identified in the following:

1- Application area:

The normal Facebook app space is around 300MB, which is very large, which makes Facebook users leave Facebook and are looking for an alternative.This alternative is often Facebook Lite because it only consumes 1MB of your phone space! Yes only 1MB!You can download the Facebook Lite application from here and then try and make sure the space of the application.
2- The  app consumes only a small amount of RAM for your phone (RAM):

As you know my dear brother, Facebook application consumes a large amount of RAM or so-called RAM, which negatively affects the speed of your phone and therefore you will notice over time that your phone has become slow, and therefore I advise you to the application of Facebook Lite, which takes up little space Very does not affect the speed of your phone at all.
3- Application speed:

This makes sense, as I mentioned earlier that the space of Facebook Lite  is very small, and it does not consume a lot of RAM, which makes you notice that the application is so fast that you can not imagine, there are no cramps and nothing like that, unlike A normal Facebook application in which users find several problems including consecutive convulsions ….
4- The application does not ask you to download Messenger to talk to friends

:And this feature is very wonderful, as you know my brother reader, the normal Facebook application forces users to download the Messenger application in order to be able to talk and talk with friends, but Facebook Lite does not ask you this, ie you can talk with your relatives and Your friends without downloading Messenger.
Facebook Lite doesn’t consume much of your phone’s battery:The normal Facebook application consumes a large percentage of your phone’s battery, which makes you notice that when you use it for an hour or an hour and a half, the battery becomes discharged quickly, while Facebook Lite application does not consume a large percentage of the battery and it does not need a high flow of Internet, it Works on all internet networks, including 2G networks.

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