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Facebook Messenger (English: Facebook Tags Messenger,) is the application of chat from Facebook allows the user to chat with friends and create groups and send graphical icons and send images , the application is available for some systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone or S some languages are supported, including Arabic . The user does not have to have a Facebook account to log in to the application can create an account by phone number.

Currently, users can access Facebook and Facebook Messenger via smartphones such as Nokia or BlackBerry.

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The company announced in its personal account on 20 / July / 2016 that the application of Facebook Messenger has reached its users to one billion users “ users” after what was at the beginning of the current year 2016 in January celebrates the number of users to 200 million in just 6 months To this imaginary figure. [1]

The company announced on August 30, 2016, that the application was supported with the instant video feature (English: Instant video)


The work of the Messenger Group

Recently a lot of social networking sites that have turned the world into a small village, the most important of which is Facebook, which provides a messenger service that allows users to instant messaging free between each other, but can not enjoy this feature only by e-mail on Yahoo or Facebook Facebook, which is one of the applications that provide e-mail service and the people are widely accepted, until the number of users in 2016 more than one billion users.

How to create a group on Messenger

  • We go to Facebook settings, and a bunch of options will appear.
  • We click Create group.
  • We put a set of information requested by the app: such as group names, members, and identify people who will see the group.
  • We press OK after we put the required information so that we have created a group on Facebook correctly.

How to install Messenger on your phone

  • We go to the Play Store on the phone and search for the Messenger application where we will see a bunch of applications after the search, we choose Messenger and wait for a little until it is loaded on the phone.
  • We click on the app after it is installed on the phone to show us the start page.
  • We put a set of personal information, the name of the country, our e-mail on Facebook, and the phone number, as requested by this application before we are allowed to start using it.
  • Then we click on OK, and we will see the profile picture that we put on Facebook, so we have successfully installed the program on our phone.

Messenger features in Facebook

  • Allow messaging and sending a lot of photos, messages, or videos.
  • Save a lot of time and effort, as all the messages we want can be sent in milliseconds.
  • Reduce the cost of communication, as Messenger offers free access.
  • Providing high-quality voice and video communication service.
  • Make a collection of beautiful stickers and pictures that can be sent to friends.  

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