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Games is a type of meaningful [1] unproductive activity, where the motive lies not in its result, but in the process itself [2] . Also, the term “game” is used to refer to a set of objects or programs intended for such an activity.

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It is a form of activity in conditional situations, aimed at the reconstruction and assimilation of social experience, fixed in socially fixed ways of carrying out objective actions, in objects of science and culture [3] . The creation of situations typical of the profession and finding practical solutions in them is standard for management theory ( business games  – modeling the production situation in order to develop the most effective solutions and professional skills) and military affairs (war games – solving practical problems on the ground and on topographic maps) .


  1. History
  2. Game in animals
  3. The role of it in human life
  4. Children’s games
    • Pedagogical significance
      • it as a training method
      • Educational it
      • Therapeutic it
    • Game concepts in pedagogy and psychology
  5. Types of it
  6. Signs
  7. Typology
  8. Gambling
  9. Sources
  10. Literature
    1. Psychology
    2. Zoopsychology
    3. Philosophy


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The first games appeared in animals long before the appearance of a man. Monkeys use not only those games that are associated with certain rituals, for example, the mating season, but also similar to similar games of people. Humanity has been playing since prehistoric times – beginning with ritual games (for example, the rite of initiationsource not specified 2367 days ] ), with the development of civilization, the games became more and more complicated and became almost any subject – war, love, fantasy, history. Probably the most developed in this regard are MMORPGs with a multiplayer mode like World of Warcraft, to which thousands of users around the world are connected every minute and in which millions of different actions are performed every second. There are games that can lead to death – survival it, airsoft. Historical facts show a vivid example of a survival game – gladiatorial battles and Russian roulette.

Game in animals 

Playing kitten

Higher animals have a distinct juvenile period during which they exhibit game behavior. The nature of games in animals is determined by specific features and depends to a large extent on lifestyle, as elements of the behavioral repertoire of adult animals are manifested (and improved) in games — individual forms of food-producing, mating, social and gnarly-building behavior. For example, a cub’s game includes lurking and jumping – these movements are used for hunting small rodents.

Often there is it using objects (manipulation games). Such it are observed in many mammals but are especially developed and complex in monkeys. Games allow monkeys to hone subtle movements under the control of skin sensitivity and vision. Sometimes monkeys spend a long time in one place, manipulating one object, while their activity is usually aimed at destroying the object itself.

Joint participation in it of several individuals brings it to a whole new level. Communication of animals in the process of playing together plays an important role in the formation of group behavior. Typically, joint games include fighting and racing but may include manipulating various objects, including fighting for an object. For example, the games of the cubs consist of running a race, harnessing, attacking each other from an ambush and fighting.

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