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Download Google Maps App  – Some of us who are older may remember how it was before the development of smartphones and the invention of maps applications and the application of Google Maps  , where we were sitting in the car while traveling to remote places and we open the big paper map and try to understand where we And where to go and what direction we take, although these times did not pass much time, but we now look at it as the dark ages.

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In February 2005, Google introduced Google Maps app and Google Maps to users. Today, Google Maps has become an integral part of our daily lives and activities, not only to know where we are on the map and where to go but to grow even bigger. Often, for example, Wagner Google looks at your search results and know your interests and suggest places where you can eat or exercise activities that you love without searching them on the map.




And what Google did to survey maps and roads from the top using satellites also did from the ground from the driver’s seat, where Google Maps owns a fleet of cars that scan highways and tracks worldwide to ensure accuracy to the fullest extent, either for The wonderful part is that it actually takes photos of the streets with a 360 degree camera so that the user can see where he will go and the road to him and this is easy to identify the destination when accessing it has already seen.

What is Google Maps app or Google Maps?

The application of Google Maps app is a powerful tool that is more useful than a billion people and with time has become the most application process and accuracy in proposing ways, and the provision of information and detailed options for public transport and places propose nearby destinations the user may attract during the walk as maps Google offers its services not only to motorists but also to users of bicycles and users of public transport and even walking on foot and the user selects means of transportation used by the application suggests the shortest way and away from congestion.

There are many many services provided by the application to its users, but you can not discover through the surface view of the application and of these services is very useful when you use it if you are a new user of the application of Google Maps or Google maps app or who want to discover the features and services provided by the application Read the next period.

  • Save home and work addresses

Saving the address to your workplace and your home is the first thing you need to do when using Google Maps 2018 as it gives you the ability to quickly make your way from home to the workplace and vice versa, and also you can use the voice search feature you can easily search the application with your voice and say Take me home or take me home The application shows the shortest ways that will take you home quickly and effectively.

  • Get directions for drivers of cars and walking 

If you are driving a car or walking around walking or driving a bike or even travel by public transport, the services of Google Maps application covers all your needs where you can choose your favorite type of transportation means and choose the destination you want to go and the route you want to take from among the many choices Available application will show contemporary information on the road and suggest shortcuts in order to avoid places and busy roads.

  •  Schedule of public transport places and times

The Google Maps or Google Maps is a very valuable and practical source if you rely on public transport on a daily basis, the application services give a detailed list of public transport, whether by train, bus, ferry or other and gives you the property to determine the time of departure and search for the means available in this Timing and selection.

  • Get offline maps 

If you are traveling to Khaj and heading to a place where there is no Internet connection, there is a good choice is that you save a map of a particular area in anticipation of that and you can see the directions and places of interest as it can keep the map saved for only thirty days, after that period You must renew your save again so that you can use them offline.

  • The possibility of adding many stops during the road 

The ability to add many destinations in the same way as the best features of the application of Google Maps or Google Maps You can add up to nine different destinations on the same trip and the application will calculate the total trip time and any delay that can meet during the trip.

  • Possibility to share the user’s current location

Google may remove the feature of sharing the current location of the user from Google Plus and re-placed the application Google Maps giving users an easy way to share your current location with friends and family and can broadcast your location and directions and choose specific people to share your location and movements with them, or share a link by information about your place Present .

  • You can book an Uber car to come to your place and pick you up anywhere you want

Google Maps application services enable you to book a car from Uber or other private transport companies based on your location and without leaving the application and the application will give you the expected time of waiting and options of payment methods and all without having to download the application Uber on your smartphone in order to use these services .

  • Search maps for favorite places inside buildings

This feature exempts the user from guessing when he is looking for a particular restaurant or clothing store inside a large shopping center he can search for it on Google Maps without the need to actually search for him and go to the center with the possibility of the desired place in the shopping center.

  • You can create a list of favorite places of the user and share with friends

The ability to create a list of favorite places and share with friends and family of the latest features that the application of Google Maps introduced, where this property adds the character of social networking of the application so people lost the list that I made for the best places and restaurants that I visited and detailed simplified how Access to this list can be a property where it is seen by specific people you specify or public where all people can see it.

  • You can see your travel history and where you were in the past 

Where the application logs places you have visited the order of chronological arrangement and each place you have visited also be saved pictures taken by the time it took to reach and the means of transport used to access it is a specific property and a limit on the point of my view, but if you love If you search in the log for places that you have visited in the past you can use this feature, but if you are a person who loves privacy and do not want to see one of their information and record their movements they can easily turn off this feature.

  • Use style motorcycles to find the fastest ways to reach  

Motorcycle Style is a new feature of the application designed specifically for the Indian market as India has the largest market in the world of motorcycles and for that Google aspires to provide a better service for those people who use motorcycles and scooters to provide customized travel maps for them and the goal is to suggest ways Other cars can not walk by, but can be used by motorcycles and this benefits all parties as it reduces congestion on the main roads and reduces the distance and time used to reach the user to his destination, and in order to reach that Google scans the back roads and narrow not used by the car It takes suggestions from the Indian community and this feature is still limited to the Indian market only.

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