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How to create a page on Facebook

How to create a page on Facebook.

How to create a page on Facebook Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites around the world for its free and encouraging services.It allows direct and indirect communication with different people anywhere in the world, as well as the possibility of publishing photos, videos and documents , And exchange with friends, in addition to the possibility of creating user-specific pages under any category they prefer, and want them, which encouraged many to create such pages, because of their popularity and interaction, but some do not know the correct steps to create those pages, and this is what we will know you In this the article.

How to create a page on Facebook

Steps to create a page on Facebook page

  1. Open your Facebook account, go to the bottom of the page, and click on Create Page.
  2. Fill in the required information about the page, by typing a custom description, so that followers and fans can read it, add the link to the website of the creator of the page, and then click the Save Information command.
  3. Add a selfie to the page, and save your changes.
  4. Add the page to your favorites, by clicking Add to Favorites, until the link appears to the right of Facebook, and you are nearby.
  5. Moving to the Facebook ads step, it should be noted that this step requires paying money to bring fans and visitors to the page, but it is possible to skip it, and so go to the new Facebook page, and ready.
  6. Page Rankings on Facebook When you access the Facebook homepage and click on Create Account, a new page will appear with the categories that the page will be in.
  7. Note that it is possible to choose any of the following categories: A local company or place, in case there is a physical project on the ground for the owner of the page.
  8. Organization, company, or institution, if this company is large. A product or trademark, if the subject of the page is about a product or trademark.
  9. A band, artist, or public figure if you want to talk about a particular character.
  10. Entertainment, if the subject of the page will revolve around any entertainment topic.
  11. A social or issue page, if the page is of interest to the community, or is not affiliated with any of the above categories.
  12. Note: Facebook requests to choose a sub-category after the selection of the main category, as it provides several sub-categories, which requires the selection of the category of the page carefully, note that it is possible to change that category at any time, but you must choose the name of the page very carefully, Because it’s usually hard to change.
  13. Volume 0%   Tips for managing the Facebook page Post good information, featured content, and immovable from other pages, before inviting friends to like it.
  14. Interact with the followers of the page, respond to their comments as soon as possible, and do not ignore the negative comments, and try to communicate with the owners, find out why they do not like them, and respond to them in a tactful manner, while trying to develop to avoid making mistakes again.
  15. Choose the right time to disseminate information, and avoid publishing at times when your followers are busy.
  16. Create a database of the content of the page, in order to save time and effort if you want to return to information published earlier.

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