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How to create Email


How to create email

1 Post and e-mail

2 Benefits of email

3 How to create email on Yahoo

4 How to send an email message in Yahoo Mail

5 How GMAIL works

6 How to send a gmail message

Mail and mail

In the past, people wrote and sent messages by regular or air mail, then waited for a period of time extending for days or weeks until the message arrived, then waited for the reply to come. The world has become a small village, and a technological revolution in the world of communications, e-mail entered the world of communications and cut off the road on regular mail, and you can send mail in a few seconds, in addition to downloading and sending attachments, and at the same moment the recipient H what was sent and reply to it.

Benefits of email

  1. Speed ​​in sending the message.
  2. Receive, read and reply to the message immediately.
  3. There is no intermediary between the sender and the receiver.
  4. The cost of the message is almost zero.
  5. Attachments can be added with the message.
  6. The sender can send group messages to more than one person at the same moment.

How to create mail on yahoo

  • We enter the Yahoo website www.yahoo.com
  • We click mail to the right of the page from the top.
  • A new page opens, from which we click on create an account.
  • We fill in the required information from the first and last names and choose the mail format we want.
  • After the process of filling the information on the create account.
  • A new link opens asking you to fill in the letters of the word in the box, fill in it and click submit code.
  • Wait for a little and then open the new email and be ready to use it.

How to send an email message in Yahoo Mail

  1. Enter the email we created and click on COMPOSE.
  2. We write the email address we want to send a message to in the TO box.
  3. We write the subject of the message in the SUBJECT box.
  4. We include the message content in the message content box.
  5. We load attachments by clicking on ATTACH FILES and selecting attachments from where they are stored and uploaded.
  6. We press SEND to send the message to the future.  

How Gmail Email works

  1. We open the browser on google.com
  2. We select Gmail from the top of the page and click on it with your mouse.
  3. We choose to create an account to create a new email.
  4. Fill out the complete information and click the next stupe.
  5. A new page appears from which we click on continue to Gmail so the email is ready to use.

How to send a Gmail message

  1. We click on Compose Mail after opening the email to open the message compose box.
  2. We put the email address we want to send the message to.
  3. Place the subject of the message in the Subject box.
  4. We click Attachments to add attachments, and add attachments from where they are saved and uploaded.
  5. In the message box we write what we want, then press sends to send the message.

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