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How To Download Whatsapp

How to download WhatsApp WhatsApp new for all mobile.

How to download WhatsApp. It is a WhatsApp program that has become famous as a wildfire, although I realize that 99% of those who read this article know what is Whatsapp but must also take into account the few who recognize the application of WhatsApp for the first time.

WhatsApp is the perfect alternative to SMS between different types of phone devices and without paying any fees. Through WhatsApp, you can communicate directly with your friends, enter group chats, send photos and videos to them, and share the sites you are currently with.

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Download WhatsApp app free

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The WhatsApp app

WhatsApp uses 3G or WIFI technology when available; you can start communicating directly with your friends and send an infinite number of text messages as well as photos, videos, notes and audio files at no extra charge.

WhatsApp program features

  1. can send all kinds of messages: text, voice, video messages and image files
  2. You can create groups and have a conversation with the whole group; for example, you can create a family group and communicate directly with the whole family at the same time.
  3. The program is free for a full year, after which you can buy the program at a very cheap price about $ 1 annual subscription.
  4. The program is easy to handle and you can communicate through it 24 hours a day without interruption.
  5. No cost to communicate internationally, it is completely free.
  6. Works on smart devices and can be installed on your computer
  7. Once you have installed WhatsApp, it will integrate with your address book and add all those who have WhatsApp installed so you can communicate with them.
  8. If you do not exist at the moment, WhatsApp will receive and save messages until you use the application again and display them to you.

It saves a lot of money. It doesn’t cost anything if you send millions of messages using it.

Some of the features of Whatsapp that distinguish it from other programs

You can see whether the person you sent the messages to has already read your messages. If you see two blue labels next to the message, it means that they have already read the message. If you do not find the tags, the user has not opened the conversation with you or has not yet read the message

How to download Whatsapp and activate it on your iPhone

Together step-by-step to download Whatsapp on your iPhone from the App Store, and even activate it with your phone number; so that you enjoy the great features of using Whatsapp, such as Chat with your friends, send photos, videos, text files, reach your friends 24 Hours/day. WhatsApp also lets you block annoying numbers.

The first step begins by going to the App store on your phone, then click on the word “Search” and type in the search box WhatsApp, and of course you will see many of the results related to your search, choose whatsapp WhatsApp Messenger free. As shown in the following picture

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