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How to install Instagram

How to install Instagram

Download the Instagram app.

 How to install Instagram You can search for “how to install Instagram” by going to your device’s app marketplace (such as the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android) and then downloading the search results related to it. I can choose.



Open the Instagram app.

 To do this, click the Instagram icon (the icon that looks like a colorful camera) on your device’s home screen.


Create an account by tapping Sign up at the bottom of your screen.

 Here you have to enter the email address, your preferred username and phone number (optional, but it is recommended). You will be given the opportunity to upload a profile photo before proceeding.

  • If you want, you can also add some more personal information in the “About” section, including your first name and last name or one of your personal websites.
  • If you already have an Instagram account, then you can enter the login information of your account by tapping Sign In at the bottom of the Instagram login page.


Choose Friends to Follow:

 After creating your account, you will have the option to search for friends by searching your contact list, Facebook account, Twitter account or manually. Remember one thing that in order to choose friends from these platforms, you must first provide your Facebook or Twitter information (your email address and password).

  • If you want, you can follow that user by tapping the “Follow” button in front of the name of an Instagram user.
  • By following people, you can see their post on your “Home” page.
  • Now you can add friends to your account whenever you want, that too after creating your account.


When you are ready to move forward, then choose Done: By
 doing this you will be directly taken to the home page of your Instagram account, from here you will be able to see the posts of the people you have followed

Download and how to install Instagram app for mobile.

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