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How to open an account in Facebook?

How to open an account in facebook. Facebook is taking a lot of attention these days from individuals, governments, institutions and companies, where it is the most active social networking site on the Internet, because of the large number of users estimated millions of Apple has reached the number of barrier users billion people from all parts of the world, there are many who Facebook knows how to use it and how to open an account on this wonderful site, and many people have heard of it and want to have an experience with this method spread across computers and mobile but does not know how to open an account on this site, we will explain here how to open an account on the site Facebook.

You can Download the facebook app.

Steps to open a Facebook account

  1. Opening an account on one of the e-mail sites, whether hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, because the activation code will receive the e-mail.
  2. After creating an email we go to the Facebook site which is as follows www.Facebook.com via your browser.
  3. We fill the required data as follows:
  4. First name depending on what you want to appear.
  5. The last name or last name also depends on what you want to appear.
  6. Then we put the e-mail created or we put the mobile number.
  7. Re-enter your email or mobile number.
  8. Then we put the password we want to use without forgetting it.
  9. Then we enter the date of birth from day, month and year. We then indicate the gender of the male or female.
  10. After we finish the step click on the Open Account in Facebook box. We come to the first step of opening the account is the search for friends in the e-mail who have accounts on Facebook and Facebook will inform all those with an e-mail I have opened an account on Facebook and it is possible to skip this step.
  11. The second step will ask Facebook for information such as taking a picture of me or bring a picture from my device and then ask me some data and be at my wish and I can skip this step.
  12. The third step requires me to activate the account by opening the email and setting the activation code so that the account is ready to work.
  13. We then go to the settings to adjust them as we would like to see the content or who is browsing my page as follows:
  14. At the top, go to a small inverted triangle and click on it and choose Settings.
  15. We choose the year and we adjust what we want from this option and then we save the previously set.
  16. We adjust what we want from other settings like privacy, security, and then save data.
  17. My website and my Facebook page are ready to go.

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