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What is a messenger?

Messenger is a program (application) for a smartphone or personal computer that allows you to instantly exchange text messages, phone calls with friends and even talk using video calling.

Typically, such programs are free and work with an Internet connection.


Messengers replaced SMS messages and became an excellent alternative to voice calls, since now it is not necessary to recharge a mobile phone – you can use the program when connected to Wi-Fi (i.e. without using mobile Internet on your phone). In this case, messages and calls will be unlimited and free .

However, it will not be possible to completely abandon mobile communication for the sake of messengers: to register an account in most of them, you need to confirm a phone number, and not every person uses these programs.

Additional features of instant messaging applications (instant messengers):

  1. creation of group chats for communication with several friends at once;
  2. the ability to add pictures, stickers and emoticons (what is this?) to messages that allow the person to express their emotions;
  3. sending files: photos, video, audio;
  4. recording voice messages (or typing in voice), which will appeal to those who do not like to type or cannot do this at a certain point in time;
  5. for a fee – calls from a messenger to a cell phone to a friend who has not installed the application (this function is not available in all programs).

How to use a messenger

Download messenger can owners of smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. To do this, go to the Google Play application for Android, the App Store for Apple or the Microsoft Store for Windows Phone, enter the name of the desired messenger in the search bar, and then click on the ” Install ” button .

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To create an account, you need to bind to the program the mobile phone number that is entered the first time the application is launched. After that, an SMS message with a registration confirmation code is sent to the user.

If all of the above doesn’t mean anything to you, then the video below will come in handy. It shows the installation process of Viber (one of the most popular messengers) and the beginning of work with it in the most detail:

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