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Game “PUBG” danger escape from reality to the battlefield: “Assassin 41 continuous hours

PUBG Mobile isAnother type of kidnapping. The first experience is your will to turn into something addictive. It teaches you the art of killing and enjoying it, educating you about weapons and bullets and forcing you to escape from a dangerous real world to a more dangerous virtual one.

Approximately 15 minutes transforms you from a young man living a normal life to a combatant on a battlefield struggling to complete and kill to survive.

PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), an online game that has stolen young people’s minds and concentration, seized their personal lives and some of their money. What exactly is this game? What is its impact on Lebanese youth? How does psychology explain its implications for adolescents and society

pubg mobile

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What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile game was created by a Korean company for Microsoft Windows on Steam special programming in March 2017, and since that day has sold more than 13 million copies of it, and the number of players at the same time to two million players to become the most popular games on Steam. The Soul

PUBG Mobile is an action game with 100 players per round, the goal of which is to fight and the winner is the one who survives until the end of the battle.

Players can choose to play alone or in a small team of up to 4, in which case the person who survives until the end of the battle is the winner.

PUBG is played online, bringing together “warriors” from all over the world at the same time, and the tour begins with players falling from an airplane through parachutes to land on the battlefield. The Soul

Landmarks, weapons and even people come into contact with reality, helping to move the player to another world to live in virtual isolation and virtual battle. The game gives detailed information about the weapons available and the types of bullets that can be used

pubg for ,obile

“41 consecutive hours playing”

GA, a 20-year-old Lebanese youth and PUBG activist, told Al-Nahar that he spends about 10 hours of his day, divided at intervals, into play. “What I specifically feel is the high proportion of adrenaline in my body,” he said. “I am excited as if I have already moved to the battlefield and my life is in danger.”

The young man pointed out that he spends an average of 20,000 Lebanese pounds a day to play. While stressing that the game did not affect his private life and his relationship with his surroundings, he revealed that a friend spent 41 consecutive hours playing what affected his relationship with his family and friends. “The scene was strange. My friend was sitting in the place where we went to play around and empty food bags, nailed to his chair and concentrated elsewhere altogether.” He stressed that this game did not teach him anything new or redeemed anything, “PUBG entertaining game, help to spend time and fun.”

Psychology warns!

On the other hand, the psychologist’s point of view was that “this type of game is very dangerous because it makes a man escape from his reality to live in another world far from the truth. Clinical psychologist Miriam Abu Aoun in an interview with “An-Nahar”.

Abu Aoun stressed that this game is very dangerous for the teenager because they believe that the methods of violence is the only way to self-defense, adding, “As if violence is the means to reach the desired goal and abolish the other is normal.” She explained that PUBG and the like “make an individual resort to violence to resolve their conflicts, as if harm has become commonplace, and thus become nervous reactions and become socially isolated and interacts with a machine and lives in a fantasy world.”

She stressed that these games affect the level of school students and can lead to addiction, and warned that “the use of weapons in this game encourages the individual to use in normal life.”

pubg for mobile game man

Aside from psychology and game play, the owners of electronic games shops and centers are the first beneficiaries of the uproar created by this game, and it is noteworthy that these did not hesitate to buy computers for this game and expand their business because the material return is very large and not negligible.

PUBG, 4 characters summarizing a reality swinging between addiction and escape on the one hand and entertainment and fun on the other. Whatever theories and methods of explanation, the reality remains the same that the young generation is threatened at many levels, whether in terms of the culture of weapons or ideas that are cultivated within it about resorting to battles and wars to achieve the euphoria of victory out of the instinct of survival.

It remains to be asked whether the fate of this game will be like its predecessors from Counter Strike to Call of Duty and others? Or will it become a serious social scourge?

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