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Skype for Business Online – Send and receive messages using UCWA

I’m trying to build a BOT like service for “Skype Business Online”. As of now the Microsoft BOT Framework does not have the out of the box channel for this. Searching the internet, I found the following nice workaround to tackle such a problem using the Lync Server 2013 SDK.

But in my case I have ” Skype Online for Business ” Office365 where the Lync Server 2013 SDK is not supported.

The UCWA web API seems to be available for ” Skype For Business Online “. Using this API, I want to receive IM and forward this to my existing BOT using the DirectLine API . And finally I want to answer the skype user with the response from the DirectLine API.

So, here I am interested to know if it is possible to receive messages from the user and send messages to the user using UCWA.

skype business online

what is dofference between skype and skype 2

  1. Skype and Skype 2 are completely different things for businesses. You cannot add Skype and Skype Boats (Microsoft Bots) to UCWA.
  2. Skype and Skype 2 are completely different things for businesses. You cannot add Skype and Skype Boats (Microsoft Bots) to Skype Business Online.
  3. Yes, if you use Skype for Business it is possible to send and receive messages using the UCWA API. You can implement them in the UCWA API and you can ship them whenever you get a message. And after you get a message back from your bot, you can forward that to the user.

Skype Business Online users cannot communicate with external contact


You experience one of the following symptoms it.

Instant messages are not delivered to external contacts. When you try to send a message to an external contact, you receive the following error:

This message was not delivered to [email protected] because the address is outside your organization and isn’t federated with your company. Please contact your team with this information.
403 Forbidden:: From link not authorized to communicate with partners.

The presence is unknown for other contacts. When you search for the external contact, or you review an external contact who’s already added to your contact list, the presence icon is unavailable (it appears dimmed), and Presence Unknown is displayed.

External contacts cannot join meetings. When the external contact receives a meeting invitation and then clicks Join Online Meeting, the user receives an error that states that the person doesn’t have permission to join the meeting, and the connection fa.

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