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Template facebook page

Templates, or how to change the layout of the Facebook page

Did you know that a Template facebook page may look different than before? If photos and events are the most important for your business – you can set them first, visible to users. If raising money – bet on fundraising! 🙂 NewFacebook Page LayoutTemplates

Template facebook page

Facebook page layout – examples

You can customize its appearance so that the most important elements are displayed on top and arrange the order of the tabs on the left.

EXAMPLE: For cafe owners, the most important thing is that new customers get to it, so there is a map at the top of the page.

New Templates
Facebook page layout

Change of Template facebook page

To change the template, go to Settings and then Edit Page . We will see the Templates option there:

facebbook templets for app

In the Edit page tab you can check your current template and change it to another one.

Template selection

In addition to aesthetic criteria, it is worth considering the type of business . Facebook suggests how to choose the right page pattern.

We can choose templates such as:

  • conventional
  • Business
  • Objects
  • Shopping
  • politicians
  • Services
  • Restaurants and cafe

Standard template

This is the default template. It should be suitable for each category of page . It consists of elements that can be found on every fanpage: buttons ( I like / I don’t like , Follow , Share , Save ) and cards ( Home , Posts , Reviews , Videos , Photos , Information , People who like it ). It will probably meet the expectations of those who do not want to change the previously known content layout or stand out any element more than the others.

Company template

This template is intended to facilitate business management. After applying it, you can distinguish, for example, job offers and special offers. The Events tab will be hidden and the Offers tab will appear. So it’s worth choosing this option if you want to inform about current offers and promotions through the Facebook page.

Objects template

The Facilities template is a great solution if we want to make it easier for recipients to come to the company / group . Thanks to it, we can highlight information such as: opening hours, location, upcoming events. Fans or customers will be able to easily find out how and when to visit the property. They can easily check the address or phone number. Currently, when the majority of Facebook users use the mobile application, it is a very attractive option.

After setting this template, the Learn button will become the main button on the page.

facebook templetes free

Non-profit template NEW!

Facebook fundraising? Yes! The non-profit template is dedicated to non-profit organizations that want to highlight their initiatives and allow users to make donations . As the top button on the page we can set Make a purchase or donate .

facebook templates

Shopping template

Shopping on Facebook is no longer a distant future. Now stores can display their products on fanpages. Only the Shopping template gives the option of direct sale via Facebook page. So if we sell over the internet, it’s definitely worth customizing your fan page using this formula. When we use it, the Store tab will appear on our site.

Politicians template

Politicians have known for a long time that Facebook is a great space for self-presentation and voting. Facebook also meets them and proposes a template that will help them present themselves, their views and actions. They will also allow users to contact each other with a single button .

After selecting this template, the primary button will be Send Message , and the Notes tab will appear in place of the Reviews tab.

Service Template

This template has a similar role to the Shopping template, except that its customization is more detailed. It will work if, in addition to selling products online, or instead of it, we provide services over the internet. The main button becomes Call now (the customer can quickly contact us by phone if he is interested in our service ). The Notes tab is hidden and the following services become visible: Services , Reviews , Store , Offers .

Restaurants and cafes template

The owners of restaurants and cafes care not only about creating Facebook space for regular customers, but also about encouraging new people to visit in a spontaneous way, e.g. if someone is in the vicinity of the premises . For this reason, Facebook has prepared a separate template for this type of company. Potential customers will find information about the menu, opening hours and location on such a fanpage. After applying this template, the Call Now button will become the primary button and the Reviews tab will replace the Notes tab

New Templates
Facebook page layout

Faster and simpler

It could be argued that templates are not an innovative option. We were able to set all the proposed page layouts earlier. However, this required much more work. Now just a few clicks. In addition, thanks to specific categories, it is easier to choose the right layout for the type of brand.

Own layout

Templates can only be used as some guidelines. We don’t have to stick to these systems closely. If we want to get a custom look of the page, we can do it in: Settings -> Edit page . Under the Templates option is the Bookmarks option. Here you can change the order of displaying specific functionalities on the main page ( movies, photos, information, posts, etc. ). Some of them can be removed: Services , Events , Store , Reviews , Offers . The rest remains indelible.

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