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Twitter login

Read our troubleshooting instructions or click the link below to receive a password reset email and twitter login help

Twitter Login Help


I can’t remember my username

  • Twitter login using the email address and password on this page.
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can request to change your password. To do this, enter your email address in the appropriate password change form.
    • If the specified email address is not recognized by the system, you may be entering it incorrectly. Check out our other troubleshooting tips.

I can’t remember the email address associated with my account

  • Log in using the username and password on this page.
    • If you still cannot log in, enter the username, email address or mobile phone number that you used during registration in the form of a password change. After that, check all your mailboxes – we will send instructions for changing the password to the email address associated with your account.

I can’t remember the phone number associated with my account

  • If you cannot remember the phone number that you must enter to change the password, enter your username or email address.

I suspect my account was hacked

  • Check out the help page for instructions on how to hack an account, which also provides a quick way to contact support.

I can’t access the email address that was provided during registration

  1. If you use Twitter on your iOS or Android device, open the application and change your email address in the Settings section. Instructions are provided in this article.
  2. If you don’t have a Twitter application (or you are not logged in), try logging into your twitter.com account using your username and password. After that, change the email address in the account settings.
  3. If a mobile phone number is attached to your account, we can send you a code to change the password in the form of an SMS message. For more information about this procedure, see this article.
  4. If you can’t remember your password, don’t have access to the email address of the account and don’t know the mobile phone number associated with it, please contact support and we will try to help you.

I didn’t receive the requested email to reset my password

  1. Check your junk or spam folders in your inbox. On many small domains, our addresses are cut off by filters. Search for messages posted by Twitter.
  2. When sending a password reset request, enter your email address. This ensures that the message is sent to the correct address.
  3. If the correct address is specified, but the message to change the password still does not come, send a request to the support service on this page.

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I get emails to change my password, but still can’t log in

  1. Try again. Links in such messages begin to operate after a certain time. Make sure that no extra spaces were copied along with the link in the address bar of the browser.
  2. Try logging in to a different browser or computer. It is recommended that you use the free Firefox browser.
  3. Make sure your browser supports cookies. Before saving a new password, it is also recommended that you clear your browser’s cache.
  4. Is the problem still not resolved? Submit a support request for solves problems

I can not Twitter login to the newly created account

  • Verify that the registration process has completed successfully. Upon completion of registration, check whether a confirmation message has been sent to the specified email address.
    • If you were unable to create an account, try again on this page.
    • If an account has been created, but you still cannot log in, send a request to change the password on this page. Check your junk or spam folders in your inbox. The message could have got into them by mistake.