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What is Google Maps?

What is Google Maps?

If you plan to travel and get to know a country you haven’t visited before, using Google Maps will make it easier for you to travel. If you want to know more, in this article we will review everything you need to know about Google Maps.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an online service that provides users with detailed information about geographic areas and places around the world, as well as traditional road maps. It provides satellite images of many locations around the world and in some cities you can view many street photographs making finding what you are looking for. Very easy. It also offers its users the ability to know the time required to arrive somewhere approximate taking into account traffic congestion.

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Pros and cons of Google Maps

Despite the many features offered by Google Maps but it is not without some things that need some improvement. So we will review the most important positive and negative things about Google Maps.

Pros of Google Maps

  1. The user can share maps with his family and friends making it easy to organize sessions and meetings. Google Maps information can also be included in the form of email, web pages, and map sharing via a Facebook or Google Account.
  2. New versions of Google Maps help find a place to park.
  3. Suggests to the user better times to travel.
  4. Displays user traffic rules.
  5. Give detailed information on public transport.
  6. Gives directions whether the user is by car, on a bicycle or on public transport. In some cities, it provides a list of local bus and train schedules.
  7. Equipped with maps for private transport such as Uber, Lyft and Ola.
  8. GPS can be controlled by voice.

Cons of Google Maps 

  1. Resolution is limited: The information provided may contain errors. Sometimes the location data may be confused and a user may take a route that may lead them to an unexpected destination.
  2. Do not give alerts in the event of obstacles on the road such as construction.
  3. Some remote and uninhabited places may not be covered by Google Maps.
  4. They may be abused by criminals: thieves use street view images to find homes belonging to rich people or places that are easy to break into and contain valuable property to steal.

Save Google Maps

On Android devices, downloaded maps are automatically saved to the device’s internal memory, and can be saved to the memory card using the following method:

  1. The memory card is placed in the device.
  2. The Google Maps app opens in your device.
  3. In the top left, there are three parallel lines that open a menu when clicked and the Offline Maps option is selected.
  4. In the top right section, click Settings.
  5. Under the Storage Preferences option, the memory card is chosen instead of the device.

How to use Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent alternative to the digital spreadsheets and document-making software, bringing with it possibilities that were not previously possible and allowing easy sharing and editing of documents among multiple users. So what is this package of software or services, and how can we use Google documents as best as possible?

What is Google Docs

Google Docs is a free program where you can create, create, edit, and save documents and spreadsheets directly from web servers without any required installation. Tables and menus.

Any device can access document files from this program as long as it has an Internet connection and a modern Internet browser unless the documents are locked for private viewing or for a specific team. Even though they are in different geographical locations.

This document service is part of Google’s extensive service package. 1

How to use Google Docs

Using documents is easy and no different from what you are used to, and you will get used to it easily after you have seen the following steps:

  1. Open the programWhile using the PC, access the Internet browser and go to the official website to open it (official service link here ).
  2. New documentary typing and creating a new document by clicking on the icon with the “+” logo and you will find it at the bottom of the window from the left corner.
  3. Modify the document using Google Docs is very similar to working with programs like Word and others. On the white page, you can enter the text you want, the font size and the format you want, all of these options are found in the top bar.
    As you can insert several images or a chart or a table through the “section inserted ” at the top, or tape inserted list numbered or bulleted through the tape higher writing, and see simple icons reflect these lists.
    You can easily enter a title for the document via the right corner at the top, where the default document title is “Untitled”, and all you need to do is click and edit it.
  4. Edit the document you can also edit a preset document in this program, and easily click the text you want to edit.
    You can undo or repeat the edit with pointers in the right corner at the bottom of the main bar.
  5. Share and save the document you can share your document by pressing the Share button in blue in the top right corner.
    You can save the document to your device, publish it to the web, start a new document, share it, and more.

Use Google Docs without Internet

You can also use this service pack without an Internet connection, and to do this you need to install an extension for Chrome through the following link, and then you will find in Google Drive settings an option to work through the program without an Internet connection.

to do this. Follow the next steps :

  1. Open the official Google Drive site and click Go to Google Drive.
  2. You will find at the top of the left corner serrated press it.
  3. Then the Settings window will appear, click on the empty box next to “Offline” to activate Google Drive services, which include documents offline.

Additional tips for using the program

In the end, we give you some of the top tips for using Google Docs optimally for maximum productivity, which is a really important feature:

  • You can open .doc and .docx files without converting them by downloading the extension or add-on for the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides browser.
  • Many people have legal problems when publishing an Internet document that contains an image that is owned by someone else or a particular licensed entity. To avoid this problem, simply select the mouse or sentence you want to find a suitable and legal image, click in the top bar on Tools and then Explore.
  • There is a useful feature if you are working on a common article with multiple people, or want to edit it, but you need the consent of the original article or the employer. To do this simply click on the pencil icon in the top left corner, then click on a suggestion from the options menu This will allow the proposal mode to be activated in which many modifications can be made without tampering with the original document, and the rest of the staff can comment on the proposal and express an opinion.
  • It is always annoying and difficult to try to insert tokens into your document to make it stand alone, but in Google Docs you can simply do this by clicking Insert from the top bar and then Special Icons, and then you can choose from existing icons or draw what you want.
  • Save home and work addresses

Saving the address to your workplace and your home is the first thing you need to do when using Google Maps 2018 as it gives you the ability to quickly make your way from home to the workplace and vice versa, and also you can use the voice search feature you can easily search the application with your voice and say Take me home or take me home The application shows the shortest ways that will take you home quickly and effectively.

  • Get directions for drivers of cars and walking 

If you are driving a car or walking around walking or driving a bike or even travel by public transport, the services of Google Maps application covers all your needs where you can choose your favorite type of transportation means and choose the destination you want to go and the route you want to take from among the many choices Available application will show contemporary information on the road and suggest shortcuts in order to avoid places and busy roads.

  •  Schedule of public transport places and times

The Google Maps or Google Maps is a very valuable and practical source if you rely on public transport on a daily basis, the application services give a detailed list of public transport, whether by train, bus, ferry or other and gives you the property to determine the time of departure and search for the means available in this Timing and selection.

  • Get offline maps 

If you are traveling to Khaj and heading to a place where there is no Internet connection, there is a good choice is that you save a map of a particular area in anticipation of that and you can see the directions and places of interest as it can keep the map saved for only thirty days, after that period You must renew your save again so that you can use them offline.

  • The possibility of adding many stops during the road 

The ability to add many destinations in the same way of the best features of the application of Google Maps or Google Maps You can add up to nine different destinations in the same trip and the application will calculate the total trip time and any delay that can meet during the trip.

  • Possibility to share the user’s current location

Google may remove the feature of sharing the current location of the user from Google Plus and re-placed the application Google Maps giving users an easy way to share your current location with friends and family and can broadcast your location and directions and choose specific people to share your location and movements with them, or share a link by information about your place Present .

  • You can book an Uber car to come to your place and pick you up anywhere you want

Google Maps application services enable you to book a car from Uber or other private transport companies based on your location and without leaving the application and the application will give you the expected time of waiting and options of payment methods and all without having to download the application Uber on your smartphone in order to use these services .

  • Search maps for favorite places inside buildings

This feature exempts the user from guessing, when he is looking for a particular restaurant or clothing store inside a large shopping center he can search for it on Google Maps without the need to actually search for him and go to the center with the possibility of the desired place in the shopping center.

  • You can create a list of favorite places of the user and share with friends

The ability to create a list of favorite places and share with friends and family of the latest features that the application of Google Maps introduced, where this property adds the character of social networking of the application so people lost the list that I made for the best places and restaurants that I visited and detailed simplified how Access to this list can be a property where it is seen by specific people you specify or public where all people can see it.

  • You can see your travel history and where you were in the past 

Where the application logs places you have visited the order of chronological arrangement and each place you have visited also be saved pictures taken by the time it took to reach and the means of transport used to access it is a specific property and a limit on the point of my view, but if you love If you search in the log for places that you have visited in the past you can use this feature, but if you are a person who love privacy and do not want to see one of their information and record their movements they can easily turn off this feature.

  • Use style motorcycles to find the fastest ways to reach  

Motorcyle Style is a new feature of the application designed specifically for the Indian market as India has the largest market in the world of motorcycles and for that Google aspires to provide a better service for those people who use motorcycles and scooters to provide customized travel maps for them and the goal is to suggest ways Other cars can not walk by, but can be used by motorcycles and this benefits all parties as it reduces congestion on the main roads and reduces the distance and time used to reach the user to his destination, and in order to reach that Google scans the back roads and narrow not used by the car It takes suggestions from the Indian community and this feature is still limited to the Indian market only.

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