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YouTube APP download – a website founded in February 2005 that allows free posting, streaming , rating and commenting on movies. Susan Wojcicki has been the president since 2014 .

Table of Contents

  • 1Action
  • 2Statistics
  • 3Website history
    • 3.1Calendar
  • 4Social impact
  • 5Language versions
  • 6Video technology
    • 6.1Video API
  • 7Youtuber
  • 8Footnotes
  • 9External links


The website uses HTML5 and FLV technologies to display videos posted by users (so-called user-generated content ), such as movie or TV trailers , music videos , as well as amateur works: video blogs and short own films. Most of the content was uploaded to YouTube by private individuals, but many companies (e.g. Columbia Broadcasting System , BBC , Universal Music Group , Polish Press Agency , TVN Group , CD Projekt), various institutions and organizations offer some of their content through YouTube as part of the affiliate program [ footnote needed ] .

Unregistered users can watch movies, while registered users have the option of placing an unlimited number of videos. Videos that are considered to contain content inappropriate for younger users are only available to those who are at least 18 years old. Posting videos containing pornography, copyrighted, propagating hatred and criminal behavior and being defamatory is prohibited under the terms of service . Registered user account profiles are referred to as “channels.” The website displays ads [2].

Timeline of Youtube App Download

February 14, 2005The website appeared on the web.
April 23, 2005The first video entitled Me at the zoo was published
2006” Tygodnik Time ” listed YouTube as an exemplary internet community (together with Wikipedia and Myspace ), awarding the title of Man of the Year 2006
October 10, 2006YouTube was acquired by Google for $ 1.65 billion.
January 2007Service Video Google began to crawl and share their resources all videos from YouTube.
January 28, 2007During the World Economic Forum in Davos , Chad Hurley, one of the founders of the website, announced that the company plans to share the profits from advertising that the website brings with its users.
March 1, 2007YouTube has signed a contract with BBC – a British television station.
June 2007Among other things, changing the graphic design or creating new, local language versions (including Polish).
August 23, 2007Introduced rating other users’ comments.
April 2008The graphic design has been changed.
November 22, 2008A “YouTube Live” event took place in San Francisco. The most-watched people appeared on concerts and performances.
November 25, 2008Change of the basic display of video collections to 16: 9 format and introduction of 720p HD support.
March 17, 2009On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day you could see the green logo.
April 15, 2009The “YouTube Symphony Orchestra” event took place. On this occasion, you could see the occasional logo, this time with notes and staff.
July 20, 2009To mark the 40th anniversary of the first man landing on the moon, YouTube has prepared a special logo.
November 2009Added support for HD 1080p.

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