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youtube video downloader
According to Google , more than 85,000 were posted daily on YouTube in 2010. movies, covering approximately 2,400 GB [3] .

The most popular video on YouTube is the music video for the song ” Despacito ” on the Luis Fonsi Official channel. The clip has 6.4 billion views (as of September 8, 2019) [4] . It is also the film with the largest number of likes, with 34.7 million [4] .

The most popular YouTube channel is the T-Series (except for YouTube, Games, Music channels, which have 83 million and 107.7 million subscriptions, respectively [5] ). It has 111 million subscriptions and 81.0 billion video views (as of August 30, 2019). The channel was founded on March 13, 2006.

. It has 101 million subscriptions and over 23.23 billion video views (as of September 8, 2019). The channel was founded on May 29, 2010.

The most disliked movie on YouTube is “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind ” [6] with 16.68 million” paws down “(as of September 8, 2019) [7] .

The most commented movie on YouTube is the music video for the song Baby Justin Bieber with 4.67 million comments (as of September 8, 2019) [8] .

On February 27, 2017, YouTube announced that users were watching a billion hours of video per day [9] .

Every month, the site is visited by 1.5 billion logged in users. On average, mobile users spend an hour on a daily basis [10] .

Each country has its own current ranking of the most popular YouTubers. In Poland, it is based on the subscription of channels and the number of views. Given these parameters, Blowek comes first [11] , which has 4.23 million subscriptions and 770.5 million views (as of September 8, 2019).

Website history

Website logo used on social networks

Previous YouTube logo used until August 29, 2017
YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who were previously employees of PayPal [12] . Hurley studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Chen and Karim studied computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign . The domain name youtube.comwas activated on February 14, 2005, the site was developed over the next months. The creators made public the first version of the site in May 2005, six months before the official debut of YouTube. Like many other technological startups , YouTube has started thanks to the so-called business angel , having only a makeshift garage office. In November 2005, a venture capital companySequoia Capital has invested 3.5 million US dollars in YouTube [13] . In addition, Roelof Botha – a business partner and former PayPal Chief Financial Officer – joined the board of directors of YouTube LLC [13] . In April 2006, Sequoia Capital contributed $ 8 million to a company that experienced a huge increase in popularity in the first few months of operations [13] .

The first video published on YouTube was Me at the zoo by jawed, [Name: Jawed Karim [14] ]. The video was uploaded on April 23, 2005 at 20:27 [15] .

During the summer of 2006, YouTube was one of the fastest growing websites and became the 5th most popular page in the Alexa Internet ranking . According to a July 16, 2006 survey, 100 million videos were viewed on YouTube a day, and 65,000 new videos were posted on the site during the day. The site had an average of 100 million visitors per month [16] [17] .

On October 9, 2006, it was announced that the company could be bought by Google for $ 1.65 billion with share capital. The purchase agreement between Google and YouTube was concluded after YouTube presented settlements with three media companies, avoiding the legal consequences of copyright infringement. The contract was concluded on November 13 and was then Google’s largest transaction

youtube video downloader

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youtube video downloader

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